Arizona Cardinals Roster from A to Z: Jeremy Bridges


As we wait for the NFL labor situation to be resolved,this is a continuation of a series on current Arizona Cardinals players and my thoughts on the past performance all the way to whether I think they will be on the roster in 2011. I go from A and go to Z.  Next up:  Tackle Jeremy Bridges

2010 analysis:  Trying to be nice here, Bridges had a tough season.  Personally, I think the Cards put too much faith in his abilities.  He started 7 games in 2010, mostly due to the injuries of others.  He was really the most experienced guy the Cards could find to help in a pinch.  However he allowed too many pass rushers to blow by him resulting in sacks and turnovers.

2011 outlook: The jury is out.  Bridges is not a starter in this league but became one by default.  If Bridges does make this team in 2011 it is because there was nothing better out on the free agent market, which I find hard to believe.