Thoughts of Number Five for the Arizona Cardinals


Last I checked in on the draft thoughts at number five was on March 31st. It is still anyone’s guess as to what the Arizona Cardinals will do this week with the number five pick in the draft.I have no clue.  I’ve gone back and forth as to what I think the Cards will do.  Just as soon as I figure it out, or think I’ve figured it out, another rumor comes flying out.  However, that is the life of mock drafts though.

So what do you think now?  I’ve asked several times over the past few months and seem to get a mixed bag of opinions.  Will they go LB and draft Von Miller from Texas A&M (assuming he is still on the board)?  How about Blaine Gabbert from MissouriPatrick Peterson from LSU?  Maybe they trade down?  Maybe they trade up?  Who knows.  All I know is I can’t wait for the big day to get here.