Arizona Cardinals Find Gold in First Round of 2011 NFL Draft


For months, the discussion was centered around Von Miller and Blaine Gabbert as possible choices for the Arizona Cardinals at number five in the 2011 NFL Draft.  The initial thoughts were Patrick Peterson wouldn’t be available by the time number five came around.  Well, on Thursday night he was around and the Cardinals struck gold. 

Peterson was regarded by many as being the best available player in the draft period.  Miller was who I was eyeing all the way up until the past couple of days when it became apparent Denver wanted him badly at number two. 

Peterson will compliment Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie very well in the defensive sceondary.  He is the real deal and probably could end up being better than DRC.  I know this – it will be interesting to see how having Peterson in the secondary affects who the opposing quarterback will throw to.  DRC may want to get ready to see a lot more balls coming his way. 

I see the Cards addressing their other needs today and tomorrow but I say they still need to take the best available player when their turn comes around over the next six rounds.