The NFL’s Interpretation of Lockout Lift Holds No Water


So the NFL says judge Susan Nelson ignored the harm lifting the lockout would do to the NFL.  This is their argument as they appeal to the 8th Circuit Court as to whether the stay order on the lockout should be temporary or permanent.

A quick breakdown of a few issues the NFL brings up:

The league said lifting the lockout would cause chaos, creating two different sets of rules for free agency before and after a new agreement.  Hmmm…..really?  So what?  Everyone would play by the same rules no matter what they were.  Point – NFL Players Association

The owners argued that the players do not suffer because the lockout applies equally to everyone.  Wow.  Sure, the lockout rules are the same for everyone, but please, PLEASE do not sit here and tell me the lockout does not make everyone suffer equally.  Try telling that to the league minimum guy and Tom Brady in the same room.  Yeah, I thought so.  Point – NFL Players Association

The NFL contends that the judge’s decision undercut their leverage by allowing players to circumvent the lockout.  Undercut is really not a good word to use when a legal decision has been made.  Sure the players circumvented the lockout.  They never wanted one in the first place and the ruling was the lockout should not continue. Point – NFLPA

The league also contended the irreparable harm the decision could cause the league, something they said was not considered by the judge.  You know what NFL?  I’m pretty sure she weighed all the facts of the case and considered your arguments.  Your arguments were not valid however in her opinion.  Her legal opinion.  Good luck boys! Point – NFLPA