Cardinals Have Needs Outside of Quarterback

The Arizona Cardinals took care of some of their needs in the NFL Draft a couple of weeks ago, however they didn't address a couple of positions of need in the draft and one of those needs just got needier.  With the retirement of Alan Faneca this week, combined with the uncertainty of the rest of the line, especially the status of Levi Brown and Deuce Lutui, all of a sudden I've got to believe the Cards offensive line is just as much a need as the quarterback position, maybe even more give the fact the line protects the quarterback.

Faneca wasn't a huge contributor on the line to being with last season, however his departure still leaves a bigger hole on the line than once expected.  The Cards would be smart not to just "fill the hole" but rather get someone in there with experience and knows what he is doing.

Of course quarterback will remain a top priority but the Cards have to focus on the O-Line.  They addressed the defensive backfield and tight end needs in the draft.  Linebacker was addressed but might still need some looking at.  So what do you think?  Do you believe quarterback is the most glaring need for the Cardinals once the lockout is lifted?