Get Ready for Cardinals Moves, NFL May be Ready to Deal


The Arizona Cardinals may have to start getting ready to figure out what kinds of moves they have to make because word is, the owners are in a mood to make a deal.  The deal, thought to be close to dead thanks to dissenting owners, is now closer to a finished deal more than ever thanks to meetings between the players and owners over the past three weeks.

The question is now, when will a deal be officially struck?  It could be this week, maybe within the next two or so?  They have a month now before training camps are into full swing.  Obviously as quiet as it has been in the NFL for the better part of the past four months, there will be no down time from whenever a deal is made until the end of July when camps open.  There is a lot of work to do.

A lot of noise in the NFL could be made right here in Phoenix.  The Cards are most likely poised to make a move at quarterback, obviously the highest profiled position, amongst other big needs.  The next five weeks are probably going to prove to be very interesting in the NFL.  I’m looking forward to a deal getting done soon and the Cards getting the quarterback they so desperately need in order to get the NFC West title back.