Rumors of Cardinals Rodgers-Cromartie Straight Up For Eagles Kolb


Yeah, did you hear this rumor today?  If I ran the Arizona Cardinals, I would not trade Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie straight up for the Philadelphia Eagles Kevin Kolb.  The Cards just drafted Patrick Peterson from LSU and have the chance to have shut down corners on both ends of the line of scrimmage. Yes, I know DRC has not proven to be a consistent shut down corner yet.  Give him time.

For the record, I don’t like the trade, rumor or not.  Philadelphia radio apparently threw that out there today.  Nothing against Kolb, who I would love to see here as the Cards quarterback, but trading DRC this early in his career would be a huge mistake.  Now, earlier this week Cards coach Ken Whisenhunt did say if you have the opportunity to get a quarterback who can build around and lead your franchise for the 10 years, you do it.  He couldn’t say he was talking about Kolb, but, he was talking about Kolb.

So, is trading DRC that opportunity?  I’m not sure the Cards can’t make a better deal that makes sense for them.  Give up the draft pick, even if it is a first rounder.  If you have the choice between DRC and a draft choice, you part with the unproven draft choice.  Clearly, I’m not excited about this rumor.  Let’s hope it stays just that.