Arizona Cardinals Do Need To Make Quarterback Priority


It seems as if some columnists in this town have gone off the deep end, well at least leaving the shallow end,  like they’ve forgotten just how bad the quarterback position was for the Arizona Cardinals in 2010.  It was even suggested that re-signing receiver Larry Fitzgerald to an extension should be the number one priority.  While I can no doubt agree with the assessment the Cards should make Fitz a priority, he should not be number one on the list.  It doesn’t really matter if you have a receiver or not if you have no one to throw to him.  I think we found that out fast last season.  Besides, I would imagine Fitz would want to know who will be throwing to him before he commits to a longer term with the Cards.

Fitz will still be there to sign after the Cards get their quarterback.  If the Cards don’t aggressively go after the best quarterback available, then extending Fitz won’t even be an option.  I do love the stuff by most writers in this town including the ones I disagree with in this issue, but I think sometimes the tendency is to over-think things and then actually forget important points in the process.

I’m sure I will have plenty of people who disagree with my take and that’s why I love the process, but if the Cards really want to get back on track, they need their QB, then go get Fitz extended before making any further moves.  Just one man’s opinion, that’s all.