No Handshake Deal For NFL


According to Sal Paolantonio of ESPN, lawyers for the NFL were asked if a handshake deal was in place before the signing of a new CBA was made official, would the lockout be lifted?  He was told no and that the NFL wants a CBA in place before a single piece of official business is conducted.  On this news, I agree with the NFL.
So that means if there is a handshake deal in place at some point in the next couple of days, don’t be looking for the Arizona Cardinals to start making moves.  I agree with the NFL on this one though, because I want to see a deal completed and signed before allowing any action.  We all know what happened the last time the lockout was lifted.

When the courts opened the door to lift the lockout a couple of months ago, it was lifted for all of about 48 hours before the doors were shut again.  Of course that was a different circumstance, however the fact remains if the NFL acted on just a handshake deal, there is always a chance the deal hits a snag before signing the new official CBA.  So, that being said, it sounds like a framework for a deal could be in place by end of the week, meaning an official deal could be in place next week.  I’ve been saying all along, an official deal should be made on a Monday, why not this upcoming Monday?