Cardinals Wait for Framework of Deal to be Completed


The NFL might have a deal done by the end of the weekend or more realistically by the beginning to middle of next week.  From the sounds of it, the Arizona Cardinals might want to get ready to get busy.  If a deal is struck for a new CBA, free agency is assured to start almost immediately with the first training camps scheduled to open two weeks from tomorrow.

The Cards though will be like all the other 31 teams though.  Expect moves to be fast and furious.  For now, the framework for a deal could be completed by tomorrow or this weekend.  The daily free agent and trade watch will be on.  Right now, to borrow a term from baseball, it’s in the bullpen warming up.  Today’s news has been the most promising yet.

It will be interesting to see how fast the Cards make their deals.  If they grab their quarterback within the first couple of days after the lockout has been lifted, you can pretty much guarantee there were already secret talks had, which I have no problem with and is no real shocker, but still, will prove the Cards at least put their plan in place during the lockout.