Arizona Cardinals Roster A to Z: Max Hall

As we wait for the NFL labor situation to be resolved,this is a continuation of a series on current Arizona Cardinals players and my thoughts on the past performance all the way to whether I think they will be on the roster in 2011. I go from A and go to Z.  Next up: Quarterback Max Hall

2010 season in review: Max Hall was a surprise addition to the 2010 roster.  Initially thought of as the 4th quarterback going into training camp, he ended up starting the season as the number 2 guy.  During the season, Max Hall played like a 4th quarterback for most of it.  Clearly out of his league over-sized and over-matched, Hall still gave it his best go.  He did provide a lot of energy and a lot of aggressiveness and knows the game but lacks a lot skills.  All of  that combined only gets you so far in this league.  Eventually the Cards had to turn back to Derek Anderson and John Skelton to finish out the season after his experiment ended.

2011 outlook:  Clearly not built to be a starter and probably not reliable enough on a consistent basis to be a backup.  Teams saw what Max Hall provided last season.  Most likely Hall’s days as a Cardinals quarterback are over.  However, I still see Hall being given a training camp shot with someone.  Like I said, he knows the game and has a lot of energy, it’s just a matter of translating that onto a regular season field.  Over a long period of time, that just won’t work for Hall.