NFL Could be on Verge of Agreement


No agreement tonight, but word is things are getting close to the end.  There could be an agreement in principle to end the NFL Lockout at some point this weekend.  That means in a little over a week the Arizona Cardinals could have several new faces on the roster.  One can hope.

I’ve been quiet lately on the lockout progress only because every time good news comes out, it is negated by bad news quickly thereafter.  This, seems like the real deal, pardon the pun.  I like others just want football back.  Getting a deal done in the next few days will get teams into camp on time and a full preseason to deal with.  Fine by me.  Bring it on.

Of course what move will the Cardinals make first?  The first move though will probably predicate what most of the other moves will be.  I am excited that football is almost back.  Hopefully these words don’t come back and bite me, but every word about a deal has been positive over the past 24 hours.  Get ready for a very busy couple of weeks.  I will love every second of it.