Cardinals Will Only Improve With Right Moves


ESPN’s Adam Schefter thinks the Arizona Cardinals will be improved this season.  That’s great, how does he know?  Well, he does know a lot of NFL stuff before the rest of us do, but seriously?  The Cardinals will only improve if they make the right moves.  The idea is to move forward, not backward.

As soon as this lockout ends, maybe in the next several days, the Cards are going to fight other teams for free agents.  They will also fight others for trades too, even other teams within their division.  Both the Cards and the Seattle Seahawks could have eyes on the Philadelphia Eagles Kevin Kolb.  Based on what the Cards have now though, I can’t see how they improve.

It is just a bunch of what if’s.  Things have to fall into place.  So, I look at the 2011 Arizona Cardinals as a team that NEEDS to improve, but has done nothing yet to make me believe they will.  Of course, nothing is guaranteed until they take the field.  Remember, there were some locals that thought Max Hall would lead the team to the promised land at the beginning of last season.  The only thing he lead us to was a flat land of losses.

It’s fun to speculate, but truly the Cards, as bad as they were in 2010, could have actually been worse.  Think about the wins over Oakland and Dallas.  Both games they really should have lost.  In a sense you could say there is nowhere to go but up, but in reality, a rock bottom probably wasn’t touched either.  Cards will need to make the right moves to improve.