Arizona Cardinals Roster A to Z: Max Komar

As we wait for the NFL labor situation to be resolved, quite possibly this week, I continue the series on current Arizona Cardinals players and my thoughts on the past performance all the way to whether I think they will be on the roster in 2011. I go from A and go to Z.  Next up: receiver Max Komar

2010 review:  Coming out of a very good preseason, Komar seemed poised to take the 5th receiver slot for the Cardinals.  Early on, he made a couple big grabs and it was thought Komar would continue to show promise.  However, with the turn the Cards towards losing, clearly the Cards needed to rely on it’s top receivers to bail out the inconsistent quarterbacks.  Komar seemed to become more a victim of circumstance rather than performance.  That, to me, was proven when he returned after 7 games of being off the roster and produced with 3 catches in each of the last two games.

2011 outlook:  Komar has a shot once again to make this roster.  I truly believe he has a lot to offer.  He works hard and never gives up.  He keeps a great attitude and that will at the very least allow him to continue to grow and improve.