Cardinals Could be Back at Work by Friday


The NFL lockout is so close to ending, teams are preparing as if the NFL will be back in business soon, like real soon, like as in as soon as Friday.  That sounds just fine to me.  If an agreement is signed on Thursday, Arizona Cardinals players could be back in the team facility by Friday and working out by Monday.  Coaches have already been recalled from vacations.

Word is a Kevin Kolb deal might be in place and happen rather quickly once moves are allowed to be made.  Again, fine with me.  Music to my ears.  It is sounding more and more like Kolb will be the Cards choice at quarterback.

If the Cards can get their QB quick, then they can put all their other missing pieces in place quicker and be ready for training camp in 2 weeks.  Hard to believe, but if the lockout ends in a couple of days, Flagstaff is right around the corner, literally.