NFL Owners Ratify Deal, Players Not Happy


The NFL Owners have ratified a new CBA.  Great, they just approved their own deal.  From reports being provided, the players are not happy about the press conference the NFL had this afternoon.  They feel pressure from a public relations standpoint at this point to act now.  Owners are letting the players back in on Saturday, but sounds like it may not happen like they want.

It’s funny, the owners are the ones that locked out the players, but it’s now the players who are holding things up.  While I agree they should be able to view the CBA before they can approve it, I also think if the NFLPA doesn’t approve a deal in the next 24 hours, the backlash from fans could be insurmountable.  Owners could be viewed by many as the good guys here, the players have to know that.

What I don’t know is how NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell holds a press conference like that unless the NFLPA has agreed to something.  Could this all just be posturing by the NFLPA.  In some regard, I think yes.

For now, we are in a holding pattern.  Stay tuned.