Cardinals Playing Wheel of Quarterbacks


If you are a free agent quarterback or a quarterback rumored to be on the trade block, you inevitabley will be linked to the Arizona Cardinals.  If I go grab a football right now and throw it downfield, be careful, I might be the next rumored Cards QB.  It’s gotten that crazy.

What seemed like a forgone conclusion with Kevin Kolb, it may not come that easily.  In fact, rumors have the Cards looking at Kyle Orton, Tyler Thigpen, and even Brett Favre’s name has popped up.  C’mon.  I’d take Derek Anderson before any of those three, well, except for probably Orton. 

I still think Kolb provides the best future potential for the Cards.  I realize he only has seven NFL starts under his belt, but the Cards would be smart to get the deal done for Kolb.  Oh by the way, don’t even mention Donovan McNabb.  Not happening.