Arizona Cardinals it will be either Arizona Cardinals it will be either

Cards Rumored to Have a Four Quarterback Plan


In the end for the Arizona Cardinals it will be either Kevin Kolb, Kyle Orton, Matt Hasselbeck, or Marc Bulger.  Apparently they have a plan, or four different plans, one that includes each of those names mentioned.  So, in other words, we know nothing more about the Cards quarterback situation Tuesday night than we did, say, a week ago.  Although we do know the Seattle Seahawks are out of the Kolb Sweepstakes. That’s because they just entered the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes today.  That’s a whole other story.

As for the Cardinals, the biggest rumor continues to be Kevin Kolb.  It seems likely though the Cards will need to part with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to get him.  I wasn’t really for that, however at this point, I really would not like to be stuck with Kyle Orton or Marc Bulger, so DRC for Kolb it is, plus some picks.

If it takes trading DRC, then just do it.  At this point if the Cards really are going to go after Bulger, they might as well hang on to Derek Anderson for all intent and purpose. In other words, please no Bulger.

I wouldn’t necessarily mind Hasselbeck, but it would almost seem he would be an after-thought.  Would he be able to stay injury-free.  I will give him this, he is a definite upgrade at the position and the Cards would be capable of winning the division with him behind center.

However, let’s hope this off-season of quarterback talk was for nothing.  It would be more a surprise that the Cards would not get Kolb than if they did at this point.