Cards May End Up Paying Large Price For Kolb


When, and I’ll still say “if” for now, but when Kevin Kolb finally lands in Arizona, anytime between tonight and sometime Thursday, it will turn out the Arizona Cardinals will have paid too much to get him.  However, it will beat the alternative, which would be to lose out on Kolb, Kyle Orton, and Matt Hasselbeck.

If the rumors are true, it seems as if the Philadelphia Eagles are ready to ship Kolb to Arizona for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round pick.  It was widely rumored yesterday the Eagles wanted DRC and a first-round pick.  Giving away DRC and a second-round pick is too much in my opinion, but I’d rather have Kolb than a guy like Marc Bulger, Vince Young, or Brett Favre and trust me people, you did NOT want that to happen.

I found it amusing that an Eagles website had a DRC jersey for sale earlier in the day before being taken down.  Clearly there are signs this may happen soon.  Although there was no proven connection between the website and any concrete news, it still can’t be a huge coincidence.  Kevin Kolb is also sitting in Houston, bags not packed for Eagles camp tomorrow.  I’m just saying….the signs are there.