Happy Derek Anderson Release Day


The Arizona Cardinals have officially parted with Derek Anderson.  Anderson, signed in 2010 as a backup to then Cards quarterback Matt Leinart.  However, once Leinart bad mouthed the coaching and the team, Anderson was named the starter.  Ultimately he over threw everything and everyone.  He had a horrible 2010 season.  His play officially helped us start the Kevin Kolb watch.

The Cards also announced the release of Gerald Hayes.  I liked Hayes, so it is sad to see him leave.  However, no tears for the release of Anderson.  It is a wonderful day to be moving on to a real quarterback in Kevin Kolb.  I almost even cringe mentioning those two in the same paragraph.

I wish DA well, I really do.  However, the Cards gave him ample chance to succeed here.  Who knows where he ends up now?