Cardinals Make Trip to Corner Market and Forget to Get Bread and Butter


The Arizona Cardinals have visited the corner market quite a bit this week.  First, they went to sell a big time cornerback, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, in order to get a big-time quarterback, one they desperately needed.  Then they made a return trip today to try to buy another cornerback,  Nnamdi Asomugha, only to take their list and forget to bring home the bread and butter.  Turns out, the bread and butter cost too much.  Now, they’ll have to wait for the weekly ads to come out to see if there is an advertised corner that comes much cheaper.

So the big question now is, which cornerback do the Cards target?  The Philadelphia Eagles have a backlog of good corners now.  The odd man out there could be Asante Samuel.  Do they try to trade him and if so, are the Cards going to make an offer?

The Cards already lost out on Johnathan Joseph.  They lost out on Ike TaylorNate Clements is still available, they could put him on their list if they feel so inclined.  It is a wait and see right now, but may not wait long because other teams with the same needs won’t wait. Cards just can’t go into 2011 relying on youngster Greg Toler and rookie Patrick Peterson.  Too much pressure for Peterson to “the guy” this early in his career.