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Lutui Flys the Coup


Deuce Lutui is now a Cincinnati Bengal.  The former Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman has found his home in his first free agency market test.  he finds himself leaving the only NFL home he has ever known in Arizona.  Being from Arizona, Lutui found a comfortable place here.  Now, he gets to find out what NFL life is like outside of Arizona.

It was iffy if the Cardinals were going to be able to sign him or not, but I still had held out hope he would come back.  Now, he gets to go block for newly drafted quarterback Andy Dalton.  I wish him well.

Cards probably felt it was the best time to let Lutui go after the inconsistent performances over the past couple of seasons.  You’ll also remember the weight problem Lutui had that gave the Cards fits.  To his credit, he worked to get back to playing shape.