Kevin Kolb Has His Critics National and Local


I shouldn’t be surprised by the critics of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb, especially from those not connected from the team.  However, when I hear of the grumblings from the local media, it just tells me they have short memories.  Not everyone was for the move to bring Kolb in.  Tomorrow he makes his Cards debut against the Oakland Raiders.

Look, all you have to do is look at what the Cards had last season and how can you not be intrigued by what Kolb possibly offers?   I realize he only has started seven NFL games in his career.  How many did Max Hall or John Skelton start before last year?  They were both better options than Derek Anderson.  So, why are people complaining?

I look forward to Kolb making noise at some point.  It most likely won’t be tomorrow night.  Tomorrow night I wouldn’t be surprised to see him look really sluggish.  Anyone that believes otherwise is lying.  I don’t expect much tomorrow night myself.  I will save judgement till later in preseason and into the regular season.  For now, until he fails and costs this team games that count, let’s cut him some slack.