Cardinals Football is Here


Good evening Arizona Cardinals fans.  Tonight, the Cards lace up the shoes and play the game of football in front of a paid audience, against the Oakland Raiders, for the first time since losing in the 2010 finale against the San Francisco 49ers.  It’s a moment I couldn’t wait for as I am sure many others.  It is also the first time we will get to see quarterback Kevin Kolb in action as a Cards QB.  All off-season during the lockout rumors where everywhere about he was or wasn’t coming to Arizona.  After all we’ve been through over the past six months since the Super Bowl, I’m jacked-up even for this first preseason game.

I’m looking forward to not only seeing Kolb, but several others as well.  The Cards had a very busy “off” season.  Meaning, they had a very busy first week of August.  They’ve signed over 50 new players onto their 90-man roster.  There has been a lot of changes, some familiar faces, but overall, the same system is in place, just different, and most likely better, players.

Those I am looking forward to watching:

Patrick Peterson – the first round draft pick, fifth overall, and considered by many to be the best overall player in the draft, makes his pro debut.  I look forward to seeing what they guy can do in a secondary that may still need some help.

Todd Heap – I really want to see Kolb target him a few times early.  I am anxious to see the dynamic he creates with him, seeing as Kolb has been known to target his tight ends in the past.

Ryan Williams – can this guy run the ball, find the holes?  We probably don’t find much out about that tonight, however, I’m sure he gets a good number of touches.