Kolb Gets One First Down in First Cardinals Drive


The Kevin Kolb era has started.  It started much like the Arizona Cardinals 2010 season ended, with a poor offensive line.  The OL once again shows it needs a lot of work.  The only first down was on a 15-yard scramble by Kolb.  He only completed one pass and that was for negative yardage to Early Doucet.

Doucet broke one tackle, but he couldn’t get his body to go upfield.  I suppose it is a start though.  It all goes back to the offensive line though.  No blocking for Beanie Wells on first down.  I didn’t expect much to begin with, it is clear though there has been little upgrade on a position that needs a lot of help though.

Hopefully it can work for now, but once the regular season starts, hopefully it is put together with an OL roster that does not include Brandon Keith.  The dude is not an NFL lineman.