No Receiver Worries for Coach Whisenhunt


Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt once again sat down wiht the media to answer questions about the fact the Cards do not have a legitimate number two receiver.  He seemed to disagree with that notion.  He thinks the number two just may be on the current roster.  Ok, so in my opinion, he had to be talking about tight end Todd Heap, because there is no way anyone else is ready, are they?

Andre Roberts might be a number two someday.  Some think it is this year.  I’m not so sure.  Some believe Early Doucet could be that guy.  I think he could be too, if he stayed healthy and played at a consistent productive level.  Chansi Stuckey?  Ha, hardly.  I used to think Max Komar could be the guy, but he didn’t even play last Thursday and I wonder what happened there?

Of course you can’t even think about a number two until Larry Fitzgerald signs his contract extension.  Or can you?  I mean, at this point why not, but early on when there were some good receivers to be had, the Cards passed.  So, now they take their chances with what they have.

They could also wait for the waiver wire at the end of the month, however would you rather go with your second best at that point or someone else’s leftovers thrown away?  Yeah, I like the idea of what we have already as well.  We’ll see.