Packers Blogger Takes Time to Answer Questions from Raisingzona


1. Can the Packers repeat, even if they get hit by the injury bug once again?

The answer that everyone is giving to this question is a resounding yes. The Packers have depth at most positions that is serious … they will be releasing players in the next couple of weeks that will be snatched up by other teams in a heartbeat … believe me, other teams are watching closely and waiting to pounce.
However, with that said, we all know how difficult it is to repeat in the National Football League. In fact, take a look at the statistics over the past decade and the number of Super Bowl champions who have tanked the season following their title.
The Packers, I feel, fall into a different category simply because of their depth at the skill positions and management’s ability to find players to plug in. If the Patriot Way has been a success, The Packers Way is not far behind.
So, to answer your question, Yes … the Packers can repeat even if hit by the injury bug.

2. How effective do you think Ryan Grant can be coming off of injury?

So far, Ryan Grant has been looking very strong in preseason. He said prior to the start of camp that he probably could have come back for the Packers playoff run last year, but decided to let time help him in the healing process.
If he can have a productive camp and is brought along slowly prior to the start of the season by the coaching staff, I feel that in conjunction with fellow running back James Starks, the Packers running game will be a step above what it was last year … which in reality doesn’t have to improve that much to beat that!

3. I’ve visited Green Bay, once.  It was one August.  I didn’t notice too many people making the Pack the talk of the town, however this August being different as defending champs.  Are there still fans that would sell an organ to get to even a preseason game?

I’m not sure which Green Bay you visited, but not only fans in Green Bay, but throughout Wisconsin and the world live and breathe the Packers … especially  in August when the optimism for a successful season is high. In my mind, The Pack is the talk of the town year-round and I see that in years after a Super Bowl win and in years when they have not been so good. Of course, this year is really different because of the magical run made by the Packers last year, but the excitement is always high. You will see a packed Lambeau Field tonight … in comparison, take a look at the film from the Packers vs. Browns game in Cleveland last week. There was lucky to be 40,000 people in the stands that night.

4. People around here have compared Kevin Kolb to Aaron Rodgers.  Has anyone on the Packers side of things made any comparisons?

I don’t think anyone is comparing Aaron Rodgers around here to anyone but Aaron Rodgers. If he could walk on water (which some believe), you know who he would be compared to. Rodgers is at the height of his game and Packers fans feel his play will be at this level for another five or more years easily. If he can stay healthy, he could become the best quarterback the league has seen … and I’m talking being named with the VERY best … Marino, Favre, Unitas, Starr, Manning, Brady, Graham … you name them … he is that good.

5. What are the Packers best fantasy pickups this season?  Any sleepers we should know about?

James Starks will be a good pickup … I think he could have a breakout season, though he will be platooned with Ryan Grant. How about Jordy Nelson? James Jones could be a sleeper … and of course Rodgers. Howevrer, if Rodgers gets hurt, Matt Flynn would be a guy to keep an eye on in reserve. And of course, don’t forget about Jermicael Finley, Greg Jennings and Donald Driver.

The sleeper … but everyone’s really talking about him … Randall Cobb as a receiver and kick returner.