Fitzgerald Gets His Pay Day


Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald just signed a deal that has him set for life, if he wasn’t already there.  The new deal is reportedly worth $120 million over 8 years, $50 million guaranteed.  I guess the Cards showed the money after all.  This was definitely not something that you wanted to see drag on much longer, especially after Fitz gave a September 4th deadline.

Even if you consider the deal an overpayment, so what?  The deal gives the Cards the chance to keep Fitz as a lifetime Cardinal and keeps him from moving on to another team, something many fans were dreading.  It also avoids the Cards from losing him for nothing, a possibility if he went to free agency after the season.

So, of course now, he has to produce on the field.  That my friends should not be an issue or question.  He has always produced.  He even put up great numbers in a “down” year last year, catching 93 passes from a core of ineffective quarterbacks. I say every penny spent today is a penny well spent!  In the end, it is even possible in my estimation, he may have come in at a bargain today.