Cardinals Still Have Time to Figure Out Running Game


With the loss of Arizona Cardinals running back Ryan Williams, at first it seemed as if the Cards would be in dire straits when it came to the running game seeing as the Cards drafted Williams to carry this season, not ride the bench.  It was also one of the reasons Tim Hightower was sent packing for the Washington Redskins. So what to do now?  All I say is, don’t rush.  Even if the Cards have to start the season with Beanie Wells and LaRod Stephens-Howling as your 1-2, that is ok, in the interim at least.

I think the Cards will wait to see what happens when other teams start releasing players over the next couple of weeks.  They could even go after a guy currently not on a roster, but can any of them help?  Anyone not on a roster right now, you have to be concerned with conditioning.

I think we all had better get used to heavy doses of Beanie whether you like it or not.  I think we were going to see a lot of him to begin with, but now even more so.  With the early season schedule being the way it is built, I would say the Cards would be ok with what they have now.  Only issue is if they wait too long, it will take a new guy that much longer to understand the Cards system.