Cardinals Wilson Returns to Practice Just in Time


Hopefully the Arizona Cardinals Adrian Wilson isn’t rushing back on the count of a low depth defensive secondary.  Hopefully he is coming back because he is ready to practice again.  Word is, he might even be available week on of the season against the Carolina Panthers.

I love Wilson’s hard hitting style, but that just may be the reason he gets hurt again soon if he isn’t careful.  Of course, every player runs risk of injury, especially ones like A-Dub who like to be involved in every hit, every tackle.  However, it is the doctor’s call and it seems he is going to make a go of it.

Just having Wilson back on the field has to be inspirational to the younger guys, especially guys like Patrick Peterson, who has struggled mightily so far this preseason.  However it should also serve as a note to fans the players are going to do everything they can to bring winning back to Arizona in the NFC West this season and make 2010 look like the distant past.