Tedy Bruschi Should Shut it, Leave Ochocinco Be


I’ve always been a fan of Tedy Bruschi.  After all, he was a leader on the University of Arizona Wildcats football team when I was a student there.  He played his heart out in both college and in New England.  I respected what he did in his comeback from his health issues late in his career.  However, as an ESPN analyst, sorry Tedy, you leave a little to be desired.  After calling out Chad Ochocinco on his Tweet about Tom Brady’s performance the other night, maybe it’s Tedy who is the one who should just do his job instead of calling someone out on theirs.

"Just waking up after a late arrival, I’ve never seen a machine operate like that n person,to see video game numbers put up n person was WOW-Chad Ochocinco on Twitter (@ochocinco)"

I mean, where’s the harm in making such a statement?  All he was doing was admiring the work of his quarterback.  Instead of leaving it alone though, Bruschi had to come out and rip Ochocinco for saying he should worry less about Brady and more about himself going out and performing to help his team.  Maybe Bruschi needs to do the same I say.

Bruschi said he should stop acting like an analyst and a fan and start working on the playbook.  First of all, when did it become a crime to praise a teammate?  I think maybe Bruschi has been looking for something on Ochocinco since preseason.  I have a strange suspicion that Bruschi has been lending an ear to his former teammates in New England who privately are probably wondering why Ochocinco is a member of their team.

Sure, Ochocinco does need to step it up.  However his tweet has nothing to do with that.  Brady, for his part, has publicly stated he doesn’t have any issues with Ochocinco.  As long as he publicly says that, Bruschi needs to just shut up and analyze football and not tweets.  If it becomes a distraction to the point it does affect the business of football, the I think Bruschi is within his rights to analyze that.  Until it does, follow your own advice Tedy and pay attention to your job.

Arizona Cardinals players tweet all the time.  If someone on the Cards, say Early Doucet tweeted that about Kevin Kolb, I would have no issues.  To me, it is simply praise from a teammate.  You CAN be in awe of a teammate.  I’m sure Bruschi has caught some flack for his comments and there will be those that agree, but I say that those that agree had better take a look at why you agree with Bruschi.  Are you agreeing cause you aren’t a fan of Ochocinco or because the tweet really was that out of bounds.  Yeah, just go back to hating Ochocinco.  No need to dissect a tweet that meant nothing.