Back East the Cards Go Again


Here we go again.  Another East Coast trip and the Arizona Cardinals decided to make it on Friday instead of the normal Saturday travel day.  It is probably a good move, but again it illustrates how the Cards have the time zone thing in their minds.  Let’s hope it is not a distraction leading up to gametime against the Washington Redskins.  One of the biggest knocks on the Cards has been their East Coast futility.

They were abysmal back east in 2008 but still managed to make it to the Super Bowl.  They won a big on on a Sunday night in 2009 against the New York Giants and managed to get some respect back.  After last season’s overall record, it’s all thrown back right out the window.  Seems as if everyone wants to bring up the East Coast Cards woes again.

I wish I could say it was old news, but clearly it is still an issue.  The Cards will make a couple of trips back east this season.  They also have road games in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Cinncinati.  This game will be a test.  Pass it and people will still consider the other three games a test on their traveling abilities.

For the record, I have picked the Cards to win 27-24, however, I still think it may take the Cards a little while on Sunday to warm up and get things going.