Numbers Don’t Lie, Defense is Bad but Cards Will Get Much Better


Yeah the Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson is going through the rookie motions right now.  He’s getting picked on and getting beat bad.  He will get better no doubt.  Yes, the Cards have given up over 900 yards of offense in the first two weeks, but this group has not worked together for very long.  The secondary, already going into the season with doubts, traded one guy away and got blistered with an injury.

The linebacking core seems to be a step slow, especially on the outside and that could be part of the problem.  Oh, and the Cards blitzes are getting picked up and Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett haven’t been able to apply pressure on a consistent basis.   Have I mentioned the defense can’t keep the opposing offenses off the field?  Yesterday the Washington Redskins ran 78 plays.  The Cards offense just ran 48 plays.  Sad.  Just sad.

The Cards need a better showing this week against the Seattle Seahawks, a team that has been short on offense itself with new quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.  They are coming off a 24-0 shutout against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Don’t expect a shutout this week.  The Hawks must be salivating.

We can only hope the Cards start figuring it out.  The Cards played pretty poorly on Sunday and still had a chance to win.  You’ll only get away with that for so long.  Some of these teams will start blowing the Cards out and early.  However, I truly believe they will start to figure it out and will end up finding a way to start stopping these teams more often.  They won’t stop everyone, but they should get better.  Just hopefully sooner rather than later.