Cards Need to Use Beanie Wells More


Just 14 carries this past Sunday for Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells.  Some of that was dictated by the defense not getting the Washington Redskins offense off the field.  The Cards ran 48 plays, but could have been more if they had gone to Beanie just a little more.  Beanie ran for 93 yards.  I’m a huge fan of the passing game, but if Wells can control the ball, the Cards can control the time of possession and the game.

It has become more of a passing league.  It is interesting that the Cards have seemed to be more of a passing team since Ken Whisenhunt came over from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It is a different mentality out in the desert, I get that.  Sometimes though, you have to find balance.  This past Sunday would have been a great time for some of that balance.  Up by eight points with five minutes to go, that was a great time to do that.

I’m sure Beanie is a little disappointed in the number of carries too.  I think part of the issue is trying to get Kevin Kolb to get in work with his receivers.  You can’t fault his 73 yard touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald later in the game.  He needs that connection.  However, I think the Cards would be served well by making sure Beanie touches the ball a minimum of 20 times a game.  That doesn’t mean reducing passing plays necessarily either.  Control the ball, and you won’t be beaten in number of plays 79-48 every week.  The Cards would have destroyed the Skins if they had 79 plays last weekend.  The Skins could only muster a one-point win.  Bottom line though – is it WAS a win for the Skins and that’s all that matters in this league.