Seattle Noise is Overrated, Cardinals Should be Just Fine


So much has been made about the fan noise in Seattle over the past several years.  I’m tired of hearing about it myself to be honest.  Yes, the Seattle Seahawks have the benefit of some of the noisiest and most passionate fans in the National Football League.  I do love to see it.  It makes the game fun.  Yes, Seattle is not my favorite place for the Arizona Cardinals to visit because past less-experienced, less-talented teams have gone into Seattle and let the noise get to them and then use it as an excuse.  I say, just play your game and all will be fine.

I’m not going to totally discount the noise.  It is loud and you do need to be able to hear your quarterback’s signals.  However, first of all, there is nothing anyone can do about it.  Secondly, plenty of teams have gone into Seattle and performed well.  If you are young, then the noise can get to you.  Say, like Max Hall last season.  He was rattled by the noise.  Kevin Kolb will not be.  He’s been in a lot of loud stadiums.

You won’t hear the Cards use the noise as an excuse for playing poorly.  Trust me, they can do that all by themselves without the help.  However, when you hear about the Cards piping in noise to prepare, you just have to wonder, is it going to far in preparation?  You can never duplicate the noise you will hear in the stadium.  As I said, it will be loud but if the Cards stick to their game plan, it really is all much ado about nothing.