Arizona Cardinals Prove They Haven’t Improved, Lose 13-10 to Hawks


It’s going to be a long season.  Forget the 9-7 record predictions.  Forget things getting better.  Everything the Arizona Cardinals have been working towards improving gets thrown right out the door with the pitiful play and pitiful coaching that took place today as the Cards lose to the Seattle Seahawks 13-10 on Sunday afternoon.  The blame can be spread all over the place.

The offensive line – is just plan offensive.  I realize Kevin Kolb made many mistakes today, but you also have to give him time to throw.

Kevin Kolb – when he did have time to throw, he just didn’t read the defense properly.  He had interceptions at the end of both halves when points could have been put up on the board both times.

The play calling – got too conservative.  Clearly the Cards were playing not to lose rather than to win in the fourth quarter.  A sideline pass to Andre Roberts for 2 yards when they needed 13.  That to me – is playing to lose.  They were settling for a field goal, which is my next stop in the blame game.

Jay Feely – dude, I don’t know what the issue is, but maybe you should spend less time on Twitter and more time working on your game and I’m not talking about your golf game either.  You are now 1-4 on the season.  I don’t care where you are on the field.  If you can’t hit a 49-yarder with the game on the line, I don’t know what to say.  The kick was online too.  You just came up short, which means, you are unreliable.  The Cards are going to have trouble finding touchdowns and they need a kicker that can consistently connect.

The defense – hard to place much blame on a group that held the Hawks to 13 points and had four sacks, however you didn’t come up with the big turnover when you had the chance.  That fumbled Tarvaris Jackson snap in the fourth was your golden ticket and you failed to cash it in.  Much better pass defense today, then again though, it was the Seahawks.  Do that against the New York Giants next week, we’ll chat further.

The coaching – what happened to the hurry-up offense you were so successful with in the second quarter?  This may have been the most disappointing aspect of this game.  You had Seattle reeling with the hurry up and you left it behind like yesterday’s trash.

I can’t see the Cards winning more than three games at this pace.  Just sad and just when I thought things couldn’t get worse.  Maybe coaching is the issue?  You won’t win many games playing conservative, playing to not lose rather than to win.