Beanie Wells Still Gametime Decision


You have to believe the Arizona Cardinals will do everything possible to get running back Beanie Wells ready to go on Sunday.  I know you don’t want to rush an injury, but from the sounds of it, he should be given the chance to go.  The Cards will need him.  If the Cards have to rely on Chester Taylor, it will be a very long afternoon against the Seattle Seahawks.

Taylor has only had one carry for the Cards so far.  He still doesn’t have a full grasp of the system.  The Cards might get LaRod Stephens-Howling back today, but he isn’t the workhorse Wells is.  If Wells is out, expect a lot of passing and I mean a lot.  Wells out is where you miss guys like Tim Hightower and Ryan Williams.

Wells has gotte off to a good start, so of course you don’t want to rush him back from an injury, at the same time Beanie is going to have to do something to keep himself on the field consistently if he wants to be the guy in Arizona or anywhere for that matter.  I know he understands that.  Hopefully the Cards do too.  They can’t win if he doesn’t get on the field.  The depth at running back just isn’t what it’s been the past few years.