Arizona Cardinals Offense and Defense Need Production in Same Game


Week one, it was all about the Arizona Cardinals offense producing.  In week two, it was really neither, except the offense did put up some numbers.  The defense couldn’t get off the field.  In last week’s game, the Cards offense sputtered and the defense was able to put pressure on the quarterback, although they still gave up a lot of underneath because that’s what the defense was allowing.  At least the ball control was better.

This week, it’s a mystery as to what to expect.  I know this.  The Cards will have their butts handed to them if they play the same way against the New York Giants this week that they did against the Seattle Seahawks.  These Giants are coming off an impressive victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, in Philly.  Eli Manning threw four touchdowns.  Against that defense.  Imagine how much he could light up the Cards defensive secondary?  I choose not to think it about it much.

I expect the offense to get somewhat back on track.  The Giants defense has been decimated by injury and the Eagles offense just wasn’t the same when Michael Vick left last week’s game.  It could be a game where the defense shows its holes again but where the offense shines and keeps the game close.  Of course everything I just said could not come true and prove to be just words on a page.  The Giants for all we know could come in to University of Phoenix Stadium and blow the Cards out.  I just want both sides to compete.  Not too much to ask, right?