Cardinals Lose Another Close One 31-27


The Arizona Cardinals easily could be 4-0.  They could just as easily be 0-4.  Right now, reality is they are 1-3.  They had a 10 point lead against the New York Giants 27-17 with five minutes left.  All they had to do was get a few first downs and run the clock out.  They had run the ball well all day.  Beanie Wells had 27 carries for 138 yards and three touchdowns.  However, they did not have a great game plan at the end of the game and ended up watching Eli Manning torch the Cards secondary for two touchdowns to give them the victory.  I’ll be honest, I had to wait to write this post until I had a chance to let it sink in.  I could not write on emotion.  It would have been real easy to do that today. The game however did not come without controversy at the end.

It appeared on the final touchdown drive, receiver Jacob Cruz had fumbled the ball and Arizona had recovered. He fell to the ground, but the kicker was he thought he had been touched.  He was getting up to go to the next play.  The referee stated Cruz gave himself up therefore the play was dead.  Well, I know the rule is there, but Cruz only went down because he thought he was touched.  Even Manning thought the play was a fumble and couldn’t believe they ended up with that break.  If that play is called a fumble, it’s game over.

The Cards can complain all they want on that, and yes they got screwed, but at the same time, they let their emotions give up the touchdown on the next play.  They shouldn’t have even been in the position they were in, in the first place.  The Cards defense again gave up just way too many passing yards.

Many people will say this team is no better than last year.  Record wise, that is the truth.  However the offense is clearly better.  Beanie Wells is better.  he rushed for 138 yards.  That’s better.  Kevin Kolb, for all his mistakes, is better than the product on the field last season.  It is disappointing to be 1-3 no doubt.  It is a recoverable record though.  The schedule doesn’t get easier but it is what it is.  The Cards still have a lot to work on.  Let’s just not panic and think it isn’t getting better because it is and it will improve.