12 Observations About the Cardinals-Giants Game

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· I don’t know if the Cardinals lead the league in penalties, but they certainly lead the league in stupid penalties. I can point to several examples: a) the facemask penalty which gave the Giants a field goal before the end of the half, b) Patrick Peterson running into the kicker, c) the Kerry Rhodes pass interference penalty on a third and long, keeping a Giants drive alive in the second half, and d) Jeremy Bridges acting dumb and getting a personal foul after the Cardinals scored a touchdown.

· What was Kolb thinking when he threw the pass that Antrel Rolle intercepted? That was a pick just waiting to happen.

· I am continually amazed by the number of times coaches throw challenge flags, when it’s perfectly clear that there is no way the call is going to be reversed. Ken Whisenhunt is not the only coach guilty of this, but he certainly should not have challenged the Alfonso Smith non-touchdown in today’s game. I don’t understand it … can’t the guys upstairs let him know whether or not a challenge make sense?