12 Observations About the Cardinals-Giants Game

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– The Cardinals only had one sack, but came close to sacking Eli Manning more than a half dozen times. It seemed that on almost every one of those plays where Manning was almost sacked, he found a receiver and completed a big play for the Giants. That absolutely killed the Cardinals today.

· Best play by the defense? It was in the third quarter and the Giants had the ball. Third and one, Calais Campbell stuffs Ahmad Bradshaw and stalls the Giants drive. Calais has been the Cardinals best defensive player so far this year, and looks the player he was two years ago

· That was a terrible non-call on the fumble by the Giants, which should have given the Cardinals the ball back … and probably given them the game, too. Saying the receiver was down by his own volition is bogus. The highlights clearly show that the receiver tripped.  The Cardinals should receive an apology from the NFL front office, but unfortunately it still won’t change a loss to a win.