Even In Weak NFC West, Today Still a Must Win for Cardinals


Even in a weak NFC West, the Arizona Cardinals can ill-afford to go 1-4 with a loss to the Minnesota Vikings today.  I will stop short of calling the season over if they lose, cause after all, they are in the NFC West, however, with as unpredictable as the San Francisco 49er’s are playing and the upcoming schedule for the Cards not getting any easier, lose today and it certainly looks bleak for the Cards.

However a win today can go a long way in righting the ship and give the Cards some momentum heading into next weeks bye before their home game with the Pittsburgh Steelers in two weeks. It won’t be easy, that’s for sure.  The crowd in Minnesota will be well into the game.  That’s the funny thing about Minnesota fans, 0-4, 4-0, they still bring the same intensity.  That’s what makes football great.

I’ve already documented what the Cards need to do in order to win, but I’ll say it again.  They will need to limit the mistakes, Kevin Kolb will need to make better reads in passing situations, and the offensive line, no matter how much of a patch work it is, needs to play better and give Kolb a few seconds to find his second or third reads if he needs to.