Cardinals Team Meeting Might Change Attitudes


I’ve never been one for team meetings in the middle of a season, however the Arizona Cardinals needed to do something over their bye week to help correct the problems that have the Cards sitting at 1-4 to start the season.   With the Pittsburgh Steelers coming to town, if there was a time for a team meeting to clear the air, it was over the bye week.  Air your differences.  It sounds like the Cards did just that.

Apparently there were some attitudes that needed to be changed not only on the field but off the field as well.  Quarterback Kevin Kolb alluded to it a little bit after the loss in Minnesota, but there were apparently players doing some slacking off.  With the record as it stands, I would tend to believe some of that.

Players arriving late or just on time to meetings, film sessions, practice.  People notice those things.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt noticed those things.  He wants players arriving early and ready to go at the meeting time, no matter what the reason for the team coming together is.  I couldn’t agree more.  Just arriving to a meeting on time or even getting in late, what kind of message is that sending.  That, to me, sounds like guys who aren’t willing to do what it takes to win.  Those are the types of players the Cards need to filter out and send to the curb.

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