No Big Surprise, Cardinals-Steelers is a Sellout


The anti-climatic announcement came this afternoon, the Arizona Cardinals home game this Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers is officially a sellout.  Of course with the six gazillion Steelers fans that live around here, it comes as no surprise.  The Cards will continue their sellout streak.  They’ve sold out every preseason, regular season, and postseason game since moving over the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Birdgang needs to throw their birdseed at the Steelers fans.  Drown them out.  Cards fans have to stop letting opposing fans turn games into home games for the visiting team.  It happens in every sport, but to me, it is no more frustrating than it is in football, given that there are only eight regular season home games.  Every single game counts.

There’s not much you can do other than to drown them out really.  The numbers will be there for Steelers fans.  There isn’t anything the team can do from keeping raucous Steelers fans from infiltrating the stadium.  All you can do is be louder and prouder.  Win or lose, Birdgang needs to stay strong!

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