Arizona Cardinals Season Starts this week


The Arizona Cardinals are going to get a do over.  No, their record can’t be erased and will be taken into account once the season ends, but coming off a bye week and facing a huge home game on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Cards have a chance now to get it right.  Come out with some fire and passion, but not stupidity, there is a line of course, maintain composure and play smart, and the Cards could be off and running in the final 11 games of the season.

I think the realization that the Cards have only played five games after virtually no off-season and a training camp that started just days after a new Collective Bargaining Agreement was signed is lost on some people.  Sure, the start has been very disappointing.  The Cards had some turnover though in the skill positions.  These things aren’t turned around over night.  Kevin Kolb hasn’t had a full off-season of preparation.  He did however, get his first break between games this past week.  I expect him to play much better Sunday.  If he doesn’t, well, let’s all remember who the Cards are playing.

People think I’m nuts, but I still think the Cards can win the NFC West.  They still have both their games left against the San Francisco 49’ers.  I personally think they are overrated.  Playing well, yes.  However they will hit a wall at some point.  It’s a quarterback driven league and at some point, the Niners ploy of taking the games out of Alex Smith’s hands will bite them.  I won’t discount what the Niners have done so far, it is very impressive.  I just say to people let’s not give up.  I guarantee the Cards haven’t.

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