Arizona Cardinals Down 17-7 at Half


Another mostly bad half of football.  There are a number of people to blame, including in part, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb.  Notice I said in part.  People still want to blame an entire team’s problems on him.  Let’s get real.  Yeah, he missed some easy ones, but there are 46 other guys playing too.  Let’s not forget that.  So, after all said and done, the Pittsburgh Steelers take a 17-7 lead headed to the locker room.

Mistakes on both sides of the ball, including giving up a 95 yard pass and catch from Ben Roethlisberger to Mike Wallace, longest pass play in Steelers history.  Oh and the Cards continue to shoot themselves in the foot with stupid penalties.  Then again, all that is nothing new.  Rookie Patrick Peterson continues to play like one.  An off-season of work would have been nice for him.

After a nice drive for the Cards to bring the game to 14-7 with under two minutes left in the half, the Cards defense allowed the Steelers to drive right down the field for a field goal, thanks in part, to more penalties.  A lot of yellow flags for both teams.  Ugly.

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