Calls for Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt’s Job are Premature


Let’s call it like it really is, Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt is on the hot seat, whether you, I , or anyone else likes it.  Is it fair?  Probably not but I understand the inclination to call him out for his job.  Personally though, I think the calls are premature.  There are things that need to change.  Some of the coaching decisions do leave you wondering, what the heck?  I do it too.  However, if players made plays, there would never be any talk of the coaching position.

After today’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the calls came again.  I actually thought for the most part the play calling was better today, at least from an offensive standpoint.  The only play call I could argue with was the decision not to kick an onside kick after the Cards cut the score to 32-20 with a little over four minutes left in the game.  Today, it really was all about the execution of plays.

It hasn’t been that way every week of course.  There have been questionable play calls.  I’ve questioned the play calling at times.  I think it was one of the main reasons for the Washington and Seattle losses.  Clearly though, this team, which does have a lot of individual talent on it, does not play like a team with mental talent.  They aren’t mentally tough.

If the Cards had eeked out those wins in Washington, in Seattle, at home against the New York Giants, they’d be 4-2 and no one would make a peep on coach Wiz.  That’s how it works though.  I will say this, let’s just remember what Wiz did to change the culture in Arizona when he got here.  He’s the same coach who makes few excuses.  He’s better than Dennis Green.  He’s better than Vince Tobin.  I say he’s even better than Dave McGinnis.  He’s definitely a better head coach than Buddy Ryan.  Just remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  We say that about players all the time.  The same holds true for coaches.

Coach deserves to ride out the season.  Evaluate the position in the off-season.  I guarantee if any move is made, it will come not without a lot of scrutiny.  The front office likes Wiz.  He will be given time to turn this ship around given the personnel he’s been given.  Please, be patient.

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