Cards Abdullah Does the Right Thing


Arizona Cardinals safety Hamza Abdullah has stepped up.  The other day I mentioned how he should look at himself in the mirror before blaming Cards fans for the loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  After re-reading comments, I don’t believe he was blaming the Cards fans however calling them out and saying the Cards need Cards fans, not opponent fans in University of Phoenix Stadium.  I called on him to do something.  Apparently, he had already beaten me to the call. 

Abdullah announced, before my ciriticism, that he was giving away 100 tickets to the St. Louis Rams game on November 6th.  It was the right thing to do, especially if he wanted to help get Cards fans in the door.  Abdullah told me it was something he does every year anyway.  Good timing though with this years give away, right after calling Cards fans out. 

Abdullah is a passionate player.  I get that.  It is frustrating to see all those fans of other teams fill the seats.  You have bandwagon fans who have jumped off.  Those are not true birdgang fans.  True fans support through think and thin.  Abdullah was just doing his part.  He should be commended for stepping up to the plate.

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