Game-Time Decisions Loom for the Arizona Cardinals


The Arizona Cardinals have several players awaiting their playing fate this Sunday against the Baltimore RavensTodd Heap, Beanie Wells, and Joey Porter are all going to be game-time decisions.  I think what that means in Cardinals-speak is that none of them will play and should all be considered out.  I think the Cards like to lead fans and media on.  I get not wanting to tip your hand, but we know how this will all come out.

We’ve seen it too many times in the past, especially with Wells.  Wells is not good with game-time decisions.  Wells should just be considered a season-time decision.  As for Heap, he probably won’t play would be my best guess.  Hamstrings can take a long time to properly heal.  Everything out of his mouth in interviews leads me to believe you can call a spade a diamond until you turn the card over.  Once that card is turned over, you already know what the result will be.

The Cards might rush for negative yardage on Sunday.  I wouldn’t put it past them.  If Wells plays, it will be a different story, however, don’t count on it.  It will be a shame to see Heap probably get the first and only chance of his career to play against his former team in the Ravens.

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