Important for Cardinals to Play Kolb if Healthy Enough


I realize with Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb nursing Turf Toe it would be an easy out to give quarterback John Skelton a starting job this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.  However, if Kolb is healthy enough, he must play, otherwise it looks too much like an excuse to just get Kolb to rest and watch from the sidelines.  Kolb needs the work and the practice.  Getting away for a game doesn’t change anything.  Obviously though if Kolb is hurt he is hurt and then Skelton should play.  My fear is though if this was a 6-1 team instead of 1-6, Turf Toe wouldn’t stop the Cards from playing Kolb.

Fans most likely will call for Skelton healthy or not, but let’s be real.  Sitting him doesn’t change the rest of the cast of characters.  As far as I’m concerned, Kolb still can not be called a bust.  It’s seven games folks.  It’s not like he’s thrown 100 interceptions.  Sure, he’s not playing well at all right now.  He must play if healthy though.  He doesn’t get any better by sitting.

Since preseason I’ve said, as well as others, that it could take 10, 12, 16 games for Kolb to become comfortable.  He clearly isn’t close yet.  Unless Kolb truly can’t go, then Skelton should sit.  There will be no “Suck for Luck”.  Even if the Cards had the overall worst record right now, which they don’t, they still should not fold up shop.  I never endorse losing on purpose for the sake of the future.  That’s just dumb.

We’ll see how practice goes this week.  Kolb truly may not be able to go and in that case, it will be fun to see what Skelton can do.  I just hope the Cards sit him for the right reasons.  No excuses.